When life fades from the ones we love

We are left alone  in another world

Unable to bring back that familiar smile

The fondest memories are just a dark hole

Of a distant past

Age creeps upon us all

As we fight just to survive

But the oldest,  most vulnerable

Have the hardest time trying to understand

What is happening to them

As dementia attacks from within

They vaguely recognize us

They are mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles

After spending their life caring for us

As  the tables turn, we seek answers

The questions never end

Solutions never appear

As we try to comfort them

They slip away slowly

We see it in their eyes

The sadness, confusion

They are so tired

Ready to give up, ready to go

We look for a miracle

To give them one last chance

But life moves too fast

And before we know it

We will be next

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Beautiful ❤️

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