This feeling is me right now. I see so many people talk about that "first paid subscriber" or their "first published book", even worse, their "second/third published book" and I can't help but ask myself...What have I done lately?

I speak of Substack Envy because it is entirely real and can be difficult to surmount. Sometimes we have to face that envy head-on. In your case that could mean buying a thing to support a person even as you wonder about your own work and self-doubts. We must press on, mustn't we? Cause if we don't, our day may never come.

I also think of the person who hasn't done what I've done for as long as I've done it (albeit with no monetary success) who may be watching the content I'm producing and feeling the same way I am. There will always be someone ahead of us on the "road to success" and we just have to grin and bear it and be happy with what we have done and accomplished.

So, GO YOU for being awesome with these posts I read and look forward to with anticipation and don't sweat what someone else is doing. Just think of me sitting here being extremely envious of you!

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Make that one small click that will forever capture that author's works for you. Or you might forever wonder what you missed. Those volumes have value beyond their bought price, you may return to them in years to come.

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I kept putting off reading this post - for approximately 15 seconds..... 😉

When I'm mindful, I'm FOCUSED, mindful, all things Zen & Dao.

When I'm unfocused, I'm an un - mindful MESS.

THC / CBD helps me to navigate & live balancedly ( I think that I coined a new word ).

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Buy it! Because you never know where your imagination will lead, when once you click on that tiny little mouse, you could be destined to succeed! On the other hand, if your funds are low and you are spread thin, keep doing what you’re doing and eventually you’ll win! If it’s not a prize you seek or recognition from your peers, keep pressing on my friend and let me alleviate your fears. It’s obvious you possess great wisdom and your courage is plain to see, but now that I’m thinking about it, you probably shouldn’t take advice from me. :)

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