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Makes me think about what people 400 - 500 years from now will think about what we leave behind - everything from monuments & memorials to movie posters, album cover art, the little toys in " Happy Meals " & other plastic & metal bits & bobs. What of the Arche de Triomphe, the Sistine Chapel, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, I. M. Pei ( Not to mention the computer hard drives of containing data on BILLIONS of users ! ) ?

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Great evocative series of images.

Hope the guy on the bench was OK.

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I absolutely love your space here on Substack. I also share visual and write poetry, although, mostly in Spanish. Its inspiring to see other artists like yourself sharing their work here. Also, must add that I love https://www.dicksdaily.co.uk/dd6/ ! What a phenomenal consistency and dedication.

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