I'm reminded of a snowman that I saw several years ago on the grounds of a hospital. The sun came out & he was commencing to LOSE WEIGHT. Being somewhat " portly " myself, I looked at him & thought " if only losing weight were THAT EASY. < sigh > ".

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These are great! You capture a texture in some of them that I haven’t seen in snowmen before, like clay. And a pathos in their melting or decay. The second from last is genuinely a tragic figure!

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Some of these have an expression as they intently look at you! Beautiful photos!

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This is beautiful, and i particularly love images 1-10.

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Wonderful! Love the carterpillar!

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Nice! Seasonable, for sure. No snow on this side of the world, alas.

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“When you look at a snowman

it's three snowballs round,

He is reminding you

that in God, Three in One is found!

The bottom reminds us of

God the Father,

He's our strong rock and foundation.

Creator of all living things, people, tribes and nations.

The middle shows us God the Son with His arms spread open wide,

Who died on the cross for each of us

our sins Jesus' blood did hide.

The head reminds us of God the Holy Spirit

Who is our counselor and friend,

He speaks to our hearts and minds,

transforming us into the likeness of Him!

So, in the mist of wintertime fun, a snowman you do see, what a beautiful heartfelt loving reminder, of the Blessed Trinity!”

Author unknown

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They never do quite look like on Christmas cards?

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