Exquisite. The Pina trailer doesn't do justice to the full wonderful haunting film with music of Jun Miyake.

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Jun 13Liked by Richard Partridge

What a wonderful lament to the art of creating movement and music that touches and lingers in the heart and head even years after the final curtain closes.

In honor of your beautifully written ode and all that went into the production of, “Pina”, the rest of the story is worth knowing :)

~ Pina ~


It is important to mention that the work of Pina Bausch influenced some of the world famous artists and performers such as David Bowie.

(I wonder if the singer, Sia, was influenced by Pina’s works when she hired Maddie Ziegler to dance in her video called , “Chandelier.”)


Thank you for continuing to share your heart through your written words and photographs with us Richard! ❤️ GBY and yours

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One of the relatively few times in which words fail me for more than a sentence. Frail gelatinous things that still have density & mass under correct usage.

Great verse !

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