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Love your poems, this is beautiful. I gave my young teenage daughter raging with hormones the same advice last night mentioned in REW’s comment

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My loving brother lost his beautiful bride of thirty years in 2014 at her tender age of 49. When trying to explain to others the striking absence, the true bottomless pit her demise has forced upon him, unwillingly, into the darkness, his reply is, “I feel like I’m living someone else’s life.”

Your words in, “Misaligned”,

“No matter what you do, or not,

listen to, look at, read or watch,

you cannot get past it.”

Heartbreakingly, describes how he lives within these forced confines of his heart every single moment he is awake or asleep.

He would advise: Love deeply and completely while you still can. Treat your spouse or significant other as the precious jewel they are.

Build your relationship and family with Christ as the center for when one does “slip the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God,” you will have a knowing and promise that you will be reunited and joined together once again with them in the Heavenly realms, that awaits us all.

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This explains my inability to achieve Buddhist Enlightenment.

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