Photo # 5 looks like an annular solar eclipse. I dabble in astronomy, so my mind just flashed to that.....

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As someone through whom poetry gets written and who loves taking pictures and puts them together, thank you for the purely visual poems.

The last one is a wish of mine for a memorial. There’s a water park I go to with my dog near me. One of the few wetlands in Colorado, high desert semi arid climate, in the San Juan mountains. It’s considered part of Ute tribal lands which is where we actually live. There are several benches there with people’s names memorializing their memory there. There’s a disabled friendly pathway leading out to a point that is sometimes surrounded by water from the lake. I’ve wanted to put one out at the point that’s circular -- so there’s not only the 360° view of the surrounding beauty but also where people can sit in sacred circles. Thanks for showing a photo of one such bench.

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Once again thank you.

My favs (difficult to seperate from the rest) are 4, 5, 7 and 12...

Love the lighting and the pure simplicity of 12, the stairs.

I always smile when I see a new post of yours!

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