Hopefully grumpiness is not an inevitable consequence of advancing age, despite the profound political disillusionment...

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Sep 12, 2023Liked by Richard Partridge

Oh Richard ~ i thank the Good Lord above that he has blessed you with such a wonderful imagination!

I watched a woodworker once hold in his hand a chunk of wood, at least it appeared like a chunk to me. As he was interviewed by a news outlet, he held on tightly to that piece of wood explaining that to the ordinary person, the type of tree, the scent it gave off, and the age lines didn’t mean much. He explained that to him, by just using his imagination, along with his well honed skills and tools, he could make pretty much anything with that piece of wood!

With your imagination and well honed skills with writing and photography, you prove daily the woodworker’s point! Just because some people might see a chunk of wood like I did, once we understand the mystery and mastery behind the work, we are left to admire the craftsmanship you so beautifully put down on paper!

As a side note, I just had a silly realization, paper is made from wood!!! 😁

Excellent story my friend!

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That guy in the picture could be my granddad. He was a master at handling cigarette ashes that extended to nearly - impossible lengths.

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