Very nice!

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Do you mind if I intrude?

I saw you here, all alone, and thought perhaps I could share a few thoughts with you.

Grief, they say, is the price we pay for a wasted rainy morning in a cold church before brightening up and asking, "So, what's for lunch?"

I've been terminated - that's a good word for it, isn't it? - "terminated," umpteen times, in fact. Twice by life partners; one I was even married to - got fed up learning another language and wanted home to mama; and several times by employers.

Strange, isn't it, how employers woo and court like inamorati, but still end up depositing you in the same bin of detritus? The lovers, they abandoned ship when it got blown off course by a trade wind, you might say: they resented my mundane affection for lucre. And the employers abandoned me because I couldn't avow my love deeply enough: my affection for lucre wasn't sufficiently ingrained.

How much salt is a "pinch"?

I know a quiet little tavern: fancy pinching lunch?

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Is it proper for you to be writing my life story without even providing a hint to me that you’d be splashing it all over the internet???


Oh! It’s not about me??? Now you can see how easy it is to get completely taken in by your fanciful imagination in only a three minute read!

Your stories, photographs, and words have become one of the highlights of my day! 🤗

I’m waiting to learn where I can buy your book! Any hints???

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This is so insightful

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