The 100 Real People project is an ongoing outpouring of my need to create, my search for answers/questions, and my desire to observe. It serves as a way to record my discoveries and to enable a reflection upon them.

My goal on Substack is to focus on the written word, however, I strongly believe that a visual element helps to set the scene, or jolt the imagination. The photographs and illustrations shown are always my own. I aim to post twice a week.

I am trying to rotate four forms:

  • Poetry - mostly short form, sometimes sonnets.

  • Photo Poems - 14 (usually) related images from the archive that resonate together for me - and hopefully for you too.

  • 15 Minute Writes - Shortish stories which I write in 15 minutes - at the moment these are all archive - but I’m writing new stuff which will be included soon.

  • 310 - 10 images along with 10x10 word statements, aphorisms, or poem

For an in-depth look at the work of the project visit

I also have a photographic diary which documents my ( quite frankly mostly dull ) life. A picture taken everyday for the last 21+ years:

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Trying to bring words and images together in new and interesting ways. Short stories, Poems, Visual Poems. All words and images my own. Always posting twice a week.


100 Real People: Poems, Short-form writing and original photography - every two days. Come on in and give it a go. Trying to find something new.